A Head Shot for a Head Start

Commonly argued as being a “best foot forward” approach, with the right head shot you are certain to get that job interview, audition and so much more.

“-But it’s just a picture! It couldn’t possibly dictate all that.”

Not necessarily, but if you do have a professionally taken head shot instead of using the same old Facebook profile picture, you are more likely to stand out in the vast oceanic sea of recruits. Especially as it is the first thing they will notice when they look you up on LinkedIn. An image can hold thousands and thousands of words that cannot be written or read, all in one bite size material. Don’t deny yourself that head start!

What’s brilliant about having photos professionally taken is that there are so many uses for them. Yes, yes, so they’re good for an outstanding resume and an acting resume but a working professional also has multiple uses for them.  Say you have your own business; the art of having your head shots available is like networking online while you’re offline. People can see who their vendor is, thus creating a more unique bond with them immediately and it’s really not that outlandish! In this modern age of business, customers know that they can be dealing with the “middleman”, a “middleman” that doesn’t exactly have their best interest in mind. However, knowing that there is a face behind it all suddenly feels less like you’re going online and more of a traditional face-to-face buying approach. There is suddenly more trust between the vendor and customer.

Furthermore, these images can be used for LinkedIn profiles too. As aforementioned, using a Facebook picture in a professional environment can be viewed as rather lax but a head shot will certainly showcase sophistication. It is a small price to pay for something that can really boost your career into the next level and catch the eye of another professional.

Here at Ollier Photography, we will do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable and relaxed to capture head shots that express effortless, professional confidence. Just drop by our studio in Macclesfield town centre or contact us either calling us on 01625 423288 or filling our contact form to discuss what we can do for you.

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