Old Macclesfield 2019 Calendar & Pet Photography

Old Macclesfield 2019 Calendar:

We’ve only got a few of our Old Macclesfield calendars left, so make sure you pop into our studio to grab one before they’re all gone! Full of stunning, historical photographs taken in and around Macclesfield, our limited edition calendar will make a great addition to your kitchen wall this year.

Man’s Best Friend:

Here at Ollier Photography, we love making memories with you and your family. Be it with mum and dad, the grandparents, those distant cousins you only get to see once a year, your closest friends who have become your family, or the brand new bundle of joy, we know that every family is different.

Recently, we had the pleasure of photographing a very different family member then we usually do, meet Ringo. This beautiful border collie was an absolute pleasure to have in our studio and he posed well for these lovely photos, doesn’t he look handsome?

Here at Ollier Photography, we will do whatever we can to accommodate you during your photo session. If you have any specific requests or are unsure about what we can do, please get in touch.

Visit us on Queen Victoria Street, Macclesfield, give us a call on 01625 423288 or follow the link to use our contact page here. Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to share another great year of blogs with you!

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