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Here at Ollier Photography, did you know that in addition to portrait photography, we also provide photograph restorations in-house?

If you have damaged, torn or faded photographs that you think are lost to history, think again. Our team at Ollier Photography can digitally transform your old photographs, for future generations to see.  Whether it’s refreshing ancestral photographs before they get passed down the family tree, or repairing precious memories; our restorations are done with great attention and care. 

Below is a classic example of a restoration done here at Ollier Photography. Wedding photographs can become damaged with age and this one in particular had become torn and dull. Using modern technology, we were able to digitally repair the photograph, leaving it as good as new. 

 Before:                                                             After:Ollier Photography Macclesfield restoration before and after

Along with family portraits, we have restored bigger projects such as large group photos. Perhaps our most difficult restoration project to date is the image below, which came to us significantly damaged and in five separate pieces. The original had been found in a cellar and its origin remains a mystery to us. 



This fascinating project was very labour intensive, taking many hours to complete. Here at Ollier Photography we understand that your memories mean an awful lot and we are dedicated to putting in the time and effort to bring a new lease of life to images through our restorations. 

Interested? We offer free quotes in store, so pop in with your images so we can take a closer look. With prices starting from just £15, no job is too big or small. 


Have you visited AFTERMATH 100 yet? If not, we highly recommend that you do. As a part of this WW1 commemoration project, Ollier Photography restored an image that you can see on display in the exhibition. Visit for more information. 






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